Resistant Cancer Cell Line Collection

Jindrich Cinatl
Dr Petra Joh-Forschungshaus
Frankfurter Stiftung für krebskranke Kinder
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Wass-Michaelis Research Group
School of Biosciences
University of Kent
Kent, UK
Searching The Resistant Cancer Cell Line Collection

Acquired resistance is a common and difficult problem in the treatment of Cancer. Often Tumours initially respond to treatment, only for them over time to become resistant and stop responding to treatment. The Resistant Cancer Cell Line Collection is a set of more than 1300 cancer cell lines that is used to model acquired resistance in cancer. this website provides access to drug sensitivity data for cell lines within the RCCL. Data provided are primarily IC50 values for both the drug a cell line has been adapted to and other drugs

This website offers a powerful resource for obtaining and analysing resistance and cross resistance data from the RCCL database. There are multiple ways to search the RCCL, they are displayed below and further information is available from the Help page

Drug Sensitivity Data for specific drugs (main drugs in database)
Click on a drug or drug class to see all data relating to it. This table lists the main drugs present in the database. Use search option 4 to see all drugs available.
Platinum drugsAlkylating agentsTopoisomerase I inhibitorsTopoisomerase II inhibitorsTubululin-binding agentsKinase inhibitorsAnti-metabolitesOthers
carboplatinmelphalanirinotecan doxorubicin vinblastinegefitinib gemcitabine bortezomib
oxaliplatin temozolomide vinorelbine
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